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Map of New Providence

Follow the sign for exit from the airport to Coral Harbour. Continue on the Coral Harbour road after you reach  the “round - about”. Follow the road to where it curves to run adjacent to the beach. Continue along the road pass the 2nd “Island” in the road and you would see a two story pink & white building with a pink and white wall on your right side of the road. The name Waterway Condos is on the wall. A small park (open grass area) is in front..

Bahamas Vacations - Map of New Providence

Car Rental

To take advantage of your stay and enjoy all of New Providence and Paradise Island, we highly recommend the rental of a car. You can prearrange a car rental through most of the major international rental companies or contact one of the local companies. Rental cars are available at the airport.

Local Companies:
Carville Wallace of Ranwall Auto
Bahamas: (242) 325-3443
Inside the U.S: (305) 433-7148

Orange Creek Rentals
(242) 323-4967

International Companies:
Avis Rent A Car
Inside the U.S.

Inside the Bahamas:

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